Kessel Crew Trivia Night

WELCOME to the FIRST EVER Kessel Run Weekly Game Show!

Cheyenne is joined by fellow Kessel Crew & Fans, Rebecca, Joe, Connor, Grace, & Brody for our FIRST (so pls be nice) Star Wars trivia night!

It's a little chaotic but SO FUN. Check it out on our Youtube channel too!

Follow our competitors on Instagram:

(except Connor lol)

Rebecca (@rebhoff29)

Grace (@amidala_716)

Brody (@tk50015)

Joe (@thatwizardking)

and your host Cheyenne (@cjerrica)


Don't forget to follow the main channel on all our platforms - Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter @kesselrunweekly! Join the Facebook Group "The Kessel Crew (KRW)" for silly polls and Star Wars chats!

Thanks for listening & May the Force be with You!

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